Career Opportunities

Experiential Opportunities While a Student

Regardless of their major, students in the Arts and Sciences have a great many opportunities to extend their learning beyond the classroom.  Students have the chance to study abroad or in Washington, DC, to participate in internships that have been arranged through their departments with local businesses, to take courses that specialize in service-learning opportunities, and to participate in undergraduate research in the natural and social sciences.  While some of these opportunities take place during the semester, many departments also help students locate internships and research fellowships during the summer months.  Overall, these experiences help students gain work experience and develop a resume, establish valuable contacts in the industries they would like to enter, and better understand the connections between what they have been studying and how their courses are preparing them for a career after graduation.

Careers That Grads Pursue

Because of the content knowledge and skill set that they develop through their experience in the Arts and Sciences, our students are prepared to begin exciting careers in business, law, education, medicine, and the public sector.  Our graduates locate positions in marketing, sales, scientific research and analysis, advertising and public relations, the sporting industry, social work, media relations, corporate communications, government, and many other fields.  In addition, many of our graduates enter graduate programs in law, business, medicine, clinical psychology, literature, history, and other disciplines.

Andy Maxwell

Andy Maxwell '05

Director of Planning and Sustainability for the City of Syracuse

I chose American Studies at Fisher, because I wanted an area of study that didn't just take a traditional, history-centric approach to the study of the United States. I wanted a curriculum that included art, film, news media, literature, music, as well as historical and contemporary pop-culture as avenues toward a more comprehensive understanding of the American experience.

My degree in American Studies helped me understand the multi-disciplinary nature of government and public service. It also gave me an added appreciation for the many diverse perspectives and opinions that make up the collage that is the American cultural landscape. My degree has been invaluable in helping me build a career as a culturally competent public servant.

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