Mental Health Counseling Outcomes & Testimonials

Program Outcomes

In 2016, there were 33 graduates of the St. John Fisher College mental health counseling program. Our graduates consistently achieve passing rates on the licensing exam. The average pass rate for our alumni who have taken the NCMHCE exam between 2006 and 2013 is 70.8%. Across New York state, NNMHCE exam pass rates are 61.10%. Of the admitted students, 94% of our students graduated in the expected time period. Alumni information confirms that 96% of our graduates have gained employment in the field of mental health counseling.

Program Evaluation Report [pdf] - September 2015

  • Alumni Survey (2014)
  • Employer Survey (2014)
  • Site Supervisor Survey (2015)

Mental Health Counseling Testimonials

Suzanne Bader

I chose St. John Fisher College for my M.S. in Mental Health Counseling because it is the most comprehensive program in the Rochester area that offers an array of courses necessary to obtain the clinical background for licensure in this field.

The program at Fisher has given me the confidence to know that I will be successful in the field of Mental Health Counseling. The professors have helped me to identify my own personal strengths that I bring to this field.

As an older student returning to school after many years, I had some concerns about fitting in. I quickly learned that the diversity that individuals bring to the program is valued at St. John Fisher College. The learning process is enhanced because of the unique perspectives of the students.

The Mental Health Counseling Program at St. John Fisher College sets the highest standard to assure that students who receive their Master's Degrees they will be qualified to enter this field with confidence.

Nicole Borrelli

Nicole Borrelli

The best thing about the Mental Health Counseling program at St. John Fisher College is the people I have met through the program, including teachers and students. They have all been so supportive during this program and have made the experience that much more enjoyable.

What I appreciate most about the Mental Health Counseling faculty in the program is their availability to the students. I have never had to look far for advice, support or guidance.

My field placements taught me that the education I have obtained in the Mental Health Counseling program at SJFC has prepared me to work in the field of Mental Health Counseling. The hands- on experience has allowed me to apply what I have learned academically to real life situations.

Tami Brown

The Mental Health Counseling program has helped give me a sense of self identification. It helped me fit in... especially being an African American woman. The experiences that I have gained here at Fisher, I could not have gotten anywhere else. They were specific to me and my needs to develop and grow as a person and as a professional.

For any prospective student thinking about Fisher for your M.S. in Mental Health counseling, this is the place to be. The staff and faculty are here to assist you in several different areas. What I appreciate most about the faculty in the program is the time they set aside for each individual student. They are easily accessible and they offer several different ways of communication. The courses are interesting and the coursework challenges your commitment and sincerity to the program, yourself, and your future clients.

This program will challenge you. It will help you recognize if Mental Health Counseling is the area of profession that you "really" want to be in. Fisher's M.S. in Mental Health Counseling holds high standards for their students and I wouldn't have it any other way. These standards help me feel more secure going out into the workforce.

My field placements taught me that...I can do this thing! I have what it takes to professionally and ethically help those that have mental health issues. The placements also helped me feel more comfortable in what I was doing. The hands on experience was the icing on the cake for me. 

Lee Cocco

Lee Cocco

As an older student coming in from another profession and without a degree in psychology, I was concerned about how I would fit in to this program. Almost immediately, I felt encouraged and appreciated for the life experience that I could bring to this field. I trusted that I would get the training and guidance that I needed to succeed, and I have!

The faculty are dedicated to helping each student discover her or his unique capability to be effective in this broad-ranging field of mental health counseling. I also appreciate their solid training and experience, which they share expertly, generously, and with great heart.

My field placements taught me that the knowledge and skills that I learned in class were right on target for application to the work setting. My field placements and the supervision I received were excellent, and these experiences also validated what the faculty had indicated to me -- that this work is right for me!

Carla D'Amore

Carla D'Amore '13

The Mental Health Counseling program at St. John Fisher College was invaluable to me both personally and professionally. The self-reflection aspect of the program allowed me to realize my strengths and work hard to improve and overcome areas of weakness. I grew tremendously in my two years at Fisher and will always be thankful for the experiences that the program provided me. 

The professors are all wonderful and very invested in the learning process for each and every student. Their support, compassion, and dedication is truly the reason why this program was a perfect fit for me. Each one challenged me in a different way both academically and personally. I am grateful for the knowledge and personal growth that this program provided.

Rahsaan DeLain

The reason why I chose St. John Fisher's Mental Health Counseling (MHC) Program was because I was in search of a Graduate level degree that would reinforce much of what I have already learned professionally, but to also develop new and more advanced skills. I attended an information session at SJFC and was very impressed by the comprehensiveness of the coursework, professionalism and personality of the faculty, and the testimony of a current student. The decision to attend SJFC was clear, I ‘m glad that I made that choice and I am excited about the rest of my journey.

There are three things that stand out in my mind when I think of what I like best about the MHC Program. The most significant part is that the program has made me take a serious look at ME. Not only the professional part of my life but my personal beliefs, values, experiences, and goals. A large part of who I am as a person reflects the how and why I became a Counselor. The program has allowed me to take a good look at my strengths and weaknesses in both areas, which have given me much more confidence in my abilities to help people help themselves.

The second major component of the program that I like best is the interactiveness of the faculty, staff, and students. The faculty and staff have made me feel very comfortable, are open to answering questions, and are very approachable. Their competency, experience, and professionalism are demonstrated in a variety of ways and permeate throughout the program. I am also gaining a great deal from the courses being set up so that I have a lot of interaction with my peers. The group exercises, presentations, out of class activities, and simply having fun learning have been extremely beneficial for me.

Lastly, the facilities at SJFC are the best I have seen. MHC students have access to beautiful classrooms, computers labs, and lounges. It makes the experience so much better when you are in an environment where a large investment has been made in resources for the students.

Jenny Gresh

Jenny Gresh

The schedule of classes for the Mental Health Counseling Program was so convenient because I could work full time and still attend classes just one time a week. In this program I felt like I could be myself and at the same time was very challenged. The small class size allows you to become familiar with almost everyone. You also have the same people in most of your classes, so it's very comfortable. The faculty really take the time to get to know you as an individual and are very supportive throughout the program. I have learned so much about counseling, but also so much about myself.

Julie Mullane

Julie Mullane

St. John Fisher has a good reputation and it is close to where I live. The schedule of two nights a week appealed to me. When you are trying to balance a family and graduate studies, proximity and scheduling are extremely important.

I went into the program not knowing if I would fit in. I had been out of school for over a decade and felt out of touch. That feeling did not last for long. The St. John Fisher program promotes individuality. I was able to draw upon my life experiences, as well as my prior education, in all of my classes.

The Fisher program provides a combination of theory-based and practical knowledge by incorporating lectures, classroom projects and activities with a community internship placement. An added feature, that I was not expecting, was the intense self-exploration. This combination has prepared me well for a career in counseling by teaching me, not only the skills I need, but how to take care of myself while taking care of others.

Emilia Pawelec

Emilia Pawelec

The Mental Health Counseling Program at St. John Fisher College is unique because it's small in size, and offers one-on-one work and communication between students and faculty. As compared to larger programs and universities, students are able to obtain a more personal experience with others in the MS program.

My field placements taught me that learning goes beyond the classroom, and performing in the real world goes beyond the textbook. This program is designed in a way to give students the practice and preparation to enter an internship with confidence and direction. There's always someone by your side.

The best thing about the Mental Health Counseling program at St. John Fisher College is the students themselves! This master's program has introduced me to some incredible individuals, whose passion for helping others is inspiring. Our community is fortunate to have such talented people, who are dedicated to helping others grow. I have learned a great deal from my peers in the program, and have formed some wonderful friendships.

Michelle Ziegler

Michelle Ziegler

I researched other programs, but I chose St John Fisher College for my M.S. in Mental Health Counseling because I was impressed with the structure and rigor of the program. I felt that the quality and breadth of the courses, as well as the internship opportunities, would prepare me to be the best counselor that I could possibly be. When compared to other master's programs in the area, it seemed to be the most focused on preparing counselors who could work in a variety of mental health settings with a variety of clients. This made me feel secure that once I graduated I would be marketable in this competitive field. I also felt comfortable with the faculty that I met. All in all, it seemed to be a good fit for me.

My experience with the faculty and my fellow students has been amazing. The process of becoming a counselor takes a great deal of introspection and inner strength, and it has been wonderful to feel supported and understood by all of the people involved in this program. I am grateful that time has been spent, throughout our courses, on understanding how this career can affect you personally. In order to be an effective counselor it is crucial that you understand yourself. Fisher definitely makes this a priority, and now I feel more comfortable in my ability to counsel others. The faculty is not solely focused on our academic life; they are invested in our growth as individuals as well as our competence as counselors. My peers are very supportive; we help each other out not only academically, but personally as well. The supportive atmosphere has been helpful in allowing me to grow as a person as well as a counselor.

What I appreciate most about the faculty in the program is that they are willing to share their own personal stories and struggles with the mental health field. Their case examples and descriptions of life out there in the "real world" of counseling have really supplemented the material from our texts. I anticipate that it will also be influential during our fieldwork experience.

I worked for a few years before returning for a master's degree, and I was concerned that I would not fit in with the students who had just graduated from college. When I started the program, I realized that there were students younger than me, but also some older than me too. This variety has enriched my experience because each student shared their own unique perspective, which enhanced the knowledge that we gained from the professors and the texts.

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