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Undergraduate Newsletters

Information to help you begin the next academic year right.

Spring Newsletters

1st Semester Juniors [pdf]

Fall Newsletters

1st Semester Juniors [pdf]

2nd Semester Juniors [pdf]

1st Semester Seniors [pdf]

2nd Semester Seniors [pdf]

Nursing Student Documents & Forms

Additional Nursing Documents and Forms

Clinical Progress Sheet [pdf]

For students needing clinical work remediation.

Health Forms

Health history and physical form is required when a student (freshman, transfer and graduate) enters SJFC. (All students must have a complete history & physical on file at the college.)

Health Update Form [pdf]

Used by students who have the health history and physical form already on file in the Wellness Center and need to update the information annually to meet health requirements for clinical work.
Flu Waiver Form [pdf] This form should be filled out and signed by your care provider if you are unable to have a seasonal flu shot.

Hep B Waiver [pdf]

This form should be signed and submitted to the Wegmans School of Nursing to meet compliance BEFORE clinical starts if

  • your Hepatitis B series is not completed (3 shots with dates) before clinical starts
  • OR if you have made a decision not to get the Hepatitis B series

Healthcare Organization Orientation Packet [pdf]

Contains material that must be read by undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty (who are not currently employed at an area hospital) before participating in clinical experiences in Rochester area hospitals.

Post-Test for Healthcare Organization Orientation Packet [pdf]

Must be completed and submitted for the student or faculty file.

Graduate Student Acknowledgment Statement for Heathcare Organization Orientation Packet [pdf]

Graduate students taking a clinical course are to print this, fill it out, and turn in to the Wegmans School of Nursing.
Clinical Attestation [pdf] For graduate nursing students enrolled in the FNP, CNS, or NE tracks.

University of Rochester & Highland Hospital Tuition Voucher [pdf]

To be filled out each semester by all graduate students employed by Highland or the University of Rochester.

FNP Student Clinical Forms

CNS Student Clinical Forms

Graduate Student Clinical Forms

  • The Clinical Application [pdf], which MUST be submitted by all graduate students planning to take a clinical course the next semester. Submit to Administrative Assistant in WSoN.
    • For spring semester clinical courses, submit by 9/1
    • For summer semester clinical courses, submit by 12/1
    • For fall semester clinical courses, submit by 2/1
  • The Clinical Summary Form [pdf], which must be completed by each student for each clinical course and signed by all preceptors for the course, to document the student's clinical hours for graduation and national certification.

Graduate Course Petitions

Spring 2015 Application for the Junior Clinical Year [pdf] (Traditional Program)

Completed applications are due by September 1, 2014.

Math Competency
(Nursing Math Screening Test)

NURS 428: Patho/Pharm II
S1 Math Competency

NURS 449 Global Health Travel Application [pdf]

To be completed by all candidates interested in global travel for the NURS 449 preceptorship course. The completed application is due November 15 for spring semester travel and April 1 for fall semester travel.

NURS 449 Clinical Adjunct Faculty Reference Form for Travel Experience [pdf]

To be completed by clinical faculty from two of the most recent clinical rotations; one adult health clinical and one specialty clinical. The completed reference must be sent directly to the  school by November 15th for spring semester travel and April 1st for fall semester travel. 

Graduate Academic Change Form [pdf]

To be completed if you wish to change your chosen track in the Advanced Practice Nursing program.

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