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Melinda E. Lull, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor
Office: WEGPHR 310
Phone: (585) 899-3730
Email: mlull@sjfc.edu
Education: Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Virginia Commonwealth University
Ph.D., Penn State College of Medicine
B.A., St. John Fisher College


Dr. Lull is a 2004 graduate of St. John Fisher College, where she received a B.A. in anthropology, with minors in both biology and chemistry. Dr. Lull went on to earn her Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Penn State University College of Medicine in 2009. Following postdoctoral studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Lull returned to St. John Fisher College in the summer of 2010 to begin her tenure as Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Wegmans School of Pharmacy.

Dr. Lull has pursued many research interests in diverse subject areas, including:

  • Identifying protein biomarkers of alcohol abuse in serum. These studies were conducted to help develop diagnostic tests that recognize patterns of alcohol use and abuse in human patients.
  • Screening protein markers of tissue damage and repair in the plasma of pediatric patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass procedures for the repair of heart defects. This project was conducted via collaboration with the Penn State Children’s Hospital in an effort to better understand pathological processes occurring during bypass, and to learn how to better treat patients during and following this invasive procedure.
  • Mapping the protein and gene expression profiles in the brain after cocaine self-administration and periods of abstinence. This project formed the basis of Dr. Lull’s dissertation work at Penn State, aimed at identifying molecular processes that are changed by cocaine and may contribute to the long-term craving and high-rates of relapse associated with cocaine abuse.

Dr. Lull’s current laboratory research focuses on the effects of environmental toxins on the brain. Through understanding of the molecular responses of the brain to these toxins, she seeks to explore the links between environmental exposures and the development of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and autism. Beyond the laboratory, Dr. Lull has a strong interest in public health outreach and community service. Dr. Lull has spent time in Guinea, West Africa and with WSOP students in El Salvador where she assisted in pharmacy services and health outreach. She is also involved with a number of local and domestic service organizations.

Curriculum Vitae [pdf]


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Recent Poster Presentations

  • Lull ME, Anand S, Birnie C, Chablani L, Connor K, Corigliano A, Dave V, Gandhi M, Nagel A, O’Brocta R, Parkhill A, Sapinoro R, Souza J, Woodruff A, Mathews JL. WSOP prescription for innovation – use as needed (PRN). 2013, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting.
  • Lull ME, Traina AN, Mathews JL. Using classroom technology for pre- and post-lecture reviews. 2013, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting.
  • Lull ME, Souza J, Avery L, Cipriano G, Dave V, Phillips E, Woytowish M, Birnie C. Implementation and evaluation of a strategic professional development program. 2013, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting.
  • Meyer A, Vaughn N, Hall M, Stryker M, Lull ME. Fructose-derived advanced glycation end products (AGEs) enhance neuroinflammation and alter immune function in the brain. Abstract #160. 2013, American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting.
  • Kratochwill LN, Overslaugh J, McClary C, Lull ME, Traina AN. Glycemic control in gestational diabetes: insulin detemir versus neutral protamine hagedorn (NPH) insulin. Abstract #316343. 2012, American Society of Health Systems Pharmacy Midyear Clinical Meeting.
  • Smith K, Utter C, Bodah M, Vaughn N, Lull ME. Dose related cell death and proinflammatory gene expression is seen in microglia treated with high concentrations of fructose. Abstract #316542. 2012, American Society of Health Systems Pharmacy Midyear Clinical Meeting.
  • Zahorian TM, Hui AC, Lull ME, Lyons-Patterson J, Traina AN. Once weekly exenatide as adjunct management of type 1 diabetes mellitus. Abstract #317260. 2012, American Society of Health Systems Pharmacy Midyear Clinical Meeting.
  • Utter CR, Bova RJ, Mathews JL, Lull ME. Individualized reflective learning through portfolio use in pharmacy school education. 2012, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting.
  • Hill J, Teijelo C, To H, Meyer A, Micca E, Vaughn N, Lull ME. Environmental toxins linked to neurodegeneration and autism activate the brain’s immune system. Abstract #310. 2012, American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting.
  • Jarbe RL, Piette NM, Parkhill AL, Lull ME, Mathews JL. Implementing a substances of abuse outreach program in the Rochester City School District. Abstract #326, 2012 American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting.
  • Hui A, Schwier N, Lull ME, Malik R, Lyons-Patterson J, Traina AN. Beyond Insulin: Liraglutide in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. 2011, American Society of Health Systems Pharmacy Midyear Clinical Meeting.
  • Lull ME, Mathews JL, Jannetta EC, Birnie CR. Student-led learning in the pharmaceutical sciences curriculum. 2011, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting.

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