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Pharmacy Student Center

Pharmacy Student Organizations

APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP)

President: Soyon Mamo (P3)
President-Elect: Steven Rush (P2)
Vice President for Membership: Shakola Dickinson (P2)

Online Membership Application

Events Coordinator: Tim Adler (P3)
Secretary: Jessica Young (P3)
Treasurer/Fundraising Coordinator: Rosetta Persaud (P2)
Historian: Mark Besley (P2)
Patient Care Project Coordinator: Lauren Strawser (P3)
Patient Counseling Competition Coordinator: Steven Rush (P2)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brooke Lowry, Dr. Amy Parkhill
National Website: www.pharmacist.com

Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI)

President: Elizabeth Fey (P3)
President Elect: Patrick McCabe (P2)
Treasurer: Susie Yang (P1)
Secretary: Justin Piacentino (P3)
Pharmacy Liaison to Nursing: Kara Wilcox (P1)
IHI Curriculum Officer: Catherine Felberbaum (P1)
Internal Communications: Kaleigh Griffin (P1)
External Communications: Whitney Porto (P3)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jill Lavigne
National Website: www.ihi.org

Phi Delta Chi Professional Fraternity

President: Zachary Hayes (P2)
Vice President: Ryan McKelvie (P2)
Correspondent: Jennifer Spall (P2)
Secretary: Heather Konieczny (P2)
Fundraising Chair: Jennifer Spall (P2)
Social Chair: Heather Konieczny (P2)
Historian: Stephany Wong (P1)
Professional Chair: Sarah Caternolo (P1)
Treasurer: Brian Hughes (P2)
Alumni Liaison: Patrick Carey (P2)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Keith DelMonte
National Website: www.phideltachi.org

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI)

President: Aaron Schmerbeck (P3)
Vice President: Jenna Clark (P2)
Vice President Elect: Seth Amidon (P1)
National Student Council Member: Aaron Schmerbeck (P3)
Treasurer/Fundraiser Coordinator: Stefanie DiLoreto (P2)
Secretary: Caroline Roberts (P3)
Faculty Advisor: Drs. Christine Birnie and Alex DeLucenay
National Website: www.cpfi.org

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

President: Vladimir Poplavskiy (P2)
Vice-President: Regina Blackley (P3)
Treasurer: Bryan Fitzgerald (P2)
Secretary: Jenna Clark (P2)
Events Coordinator: Lauren Logar (P2)
Volunteer Coordinator: Chenzira Raphael (P2)
Historian: Janis Connor (P2)
Faculty Advisors: Drs. Angela Nagel and Mona Gandhi
National Website: www.ashp.org

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP)

President: Kristen Stanton (P3)
Vice President: Mark Besley (P2)
Secretary: Lillian Brennan (P2)
Treasurer: Stefanie DiLoreto (P2)
Events Coordinator: Steven Conway (P2)
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karl Williams
National Website: www.ascp.com

Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)

President: Nhon Ta (P2)
Vice President: Chelsey Payne (P3)
Secretary: Katelyn Armes (P3)
Treasurer: Taylor Rider (P3)
Events Coordinator: Alyssa Ashworth (P3), In Lam (P3)
Faculty Advisor: Drs. Gabriela Cipriano and Fang Zhao

Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society

President: In Lam (P3)
Vice President: Alyssa Ashworth (P3)
Secretary: Michelle Zaepfel (P3)
Treasurer: Chelsey Payne (P3)
Historian: Claudia Kuehn (P3)
Faculty Advisor: Drs. Melinda Lull and Andrea Traina
National Website www.rhochi.org

College of Psychiatric/Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP)

President: Anita Pena (P3)
Vice President: Lauren Strawser (P3)
President-Elect: Matthew Sayles (P2)
Secretary: Jillian Bankoff (P2)
Treasurer: Lauren Stummer (P2)
Historian: Bryan Fitzgerald (P2)
Technical Liason: Kelly Curran (P3)
Volunteer Coordinator: Matthew Stryker (P3)
Faculty: Dr. Tammie Lee Demler

Pharmacy Student Government Association

Events Coordinator

Amanda Gertz

P4 Officers

Co-Presidents: Rivkah Mantel and Amy Wujastyk

P3 Officers

President: Jason Quitadamo
Vice President: Claudia Kuehn
Secretary: Jennifer Pieper

P2 Officers

President: Boris Krasnov
Vice President: Matt Lombardozzi
Treasurer: Mansour Abdulky
Secretary: Alex Hess
Historian: Scott Welch

P1 Officers

President: Ryan Thomas
Vice President: Jessica (Jay) Saxum
Treasurer: Pejman (PJ) Farrokh
Secretary: Ali Mancuso
Historian: Vinh Luong
Student Honor Committee: Tierney Sullivan & Vinh Luong

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