NCATE Exhibit Room

Exhibits represent data support for NCATE Accreditation and the Institutional Report. Exhibits are listed for each standard.

General Information and Conceptual Framework

Our beliefs, vision, mission, and goals, are all informed by our philosophy of social justice and its five related tenets: diversity, achievement, compassion, knowledge, and service. We provide our candidates, faculty and staff with insights of a more "just" world in which people treat one another civilly, humanitarianly, and honorably.

General Information and Conceptual Framework Exhibits

0.1 - 2005 Visit Documents (also in AIMS)

0.1A - 2005 Institutional Report

0.1B - 2005 BOE Report

0.1C - Rejoinder to 2005 BOE Report

0.2 - 2011 Institutional Report (also in AIMS)

0.3 - Annual Reports (also in AIMS)

0.4 - Unit Catalogs and Other Documents Describing General Education, Specialty/Content Studies, and Professional Studies

0.4A - Undergraduate Catalog (cross listed with Exhibit 6.6)

0.4B - Graduate Catalog (cross listed with Exhibit 6.6)

0.4C - Graduate Program Brochures (cross listed with Exhibit 6.6D)

Dual/Initial Adolescence/Special Education

Dual/Initial Childhood/Special Education

Initial/Professional Special Education


Library Media Specialist

Educational Leadership

Initial Math, Science, Technology Education

Professional Math, Science, Technology Education

Executive Leadership

0.5 - Syllabi for Professional Education Courses (see Course Binders for Individual Courses)

0.6 - Demographic Characteristics of the Institution and Its Catchment Area

0.6A - Fall 2010 Demographics

0.6B - Fall 2011 Demographics

0.7 - A Copy of the Unit's Notice Soliciting Third Party Testimony (also in AIMS)

0.8 - Conceptual Framework Document(s) (cross listed with Exhibit 3.15, 4.14, 5.22, and 6.19)

0.9 - Tables Showing Alignment of State, Professional, and Institutional Standards

0.9A - Initial Programs Alignment

0.9B - Advanced Programs Alignment

0.10 - 2009-2014 Strategic Planning Documents (cross listed with Exhibit 1.12, 2.12, 4.19, 6.20)

0.11 - New Program Proposal: Adolescence/Students With Disabilities (cross listed with 2.21)

0.12 - Workplace Covenant (cross listed with Exhibit 6.17)

0.13 - Guidelines of the SoE (cross listed with Exhibit 2.13, 5.18, and 6.1B)

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