NCATE Exhibit Room

Exhibits represent data support for NCATE Accreditation and the Institutional Report. Exhibits are listed for each standard.

Standard 2: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation

The unit has an assessment system that collects and analyzes data on applicant qualifications, candidate and graduate performance, and unit operations to evaluate and improve the performance of candidates, the unit, and its programs.

Standard 2 Exhibits

2.1 - Document describing the Unit's assessment system in detail, including assessment of candidate performance and evaluations of Unit operations and policies and procedures that ensure that data are regularly collected, complied, aggregated, summarized, analyzed, and used to make improvements

2.2 - Samples of formative and summative key assessments used to ensure candidates are ready to progress through the program and enter the profession (cross listed with Exhibit 1.4 and 4.21)

2.3 - Summaries from key assessments used at transition points (a) at entry to programs, (b) prior to the student teaching/internship, (c) at completion of student teaching/internship, (d) at program completion (cross listed with Exhibit 1.5, 3.10, and 4.4)

2.3A - Spring 2011 

2.3B - Fall 2010 

2.3C - Spring 2010 

2.3D - Fall 2009 

2.3E - Spring 2009 

2.3F - Fall 2008 

2.4 - Minutes of meetings on the development and refinement of the assessment system and the use of data

2.5 - Procedures for ensuring that key assessments and unit operations are fair, accurate, consistent, and free of bias

2.6 - Unit or institutional policies for handling student complaints

2.7 - File of candidates' complaints and the Unit's response

2.8 - Description of information technology used to manage performance data

2.9 - Schedule for when Unit analyzes data to make changes

2.10 - Examples of changes made to courses, programs, and the Unit in response to data gathered from the assessment system

2.11 - List of Knowledge, skills, and dispositions expected upon completion of programs (cross listed with Exhibit 1.2, 4.15, and 5.19)

2.12 - 2009-2014 Strategic Planning Documents (cross listed with Exhibit 0.10, 1.12, 4.19, and 6.20)

2.13 - Guidelines of the SoE (cross listed with Exhibit 0.13, 5.18, and 6.1B)

2.14 - College Catalogs (cross listed with Exhibit 0.4 and 6.6)

2.14A - Undergraduate Catalog

2.14B - Graduate Catalog

2.15 - Student Survey Form (cross listed with Exhibit 5.4)

2.16 - Faculty Statutes (cross listed with Exhibit 3.17, 5.15, and 6.1A)

2.17 - Faculty Evaluations (cross listed with Exhibit 5.8)

2.18 - Full-time Faculty Handbook (cross listed with Exhibit 5.10 and 6.1C)

2.19 - Candidate Support System (cross listed with Exhibit 1.10, 3.13 and 6.4B)

2.20 - Department and Advisory Board Meetings (cross listed with Exhibit 6.3C)

2.21 - New Program Proposal: Adolescence/Students with Disabilities (cross listed with Exhibit 0.11)

2.22 - Memoranda of understanding, minutes from meetings, etc. to document partnerships with schools (cross listed with Exhibit 3.1, 5.17, and 6.21)

2.23 - Alumni Survey (cross listed with Exhibit 1.7A)

2.24 - Employer Feedback on Graduates and Summaries of Results (cross listed with Exhibit 1.8)

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