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Job & Internship Search Techniques

To make the most of this information, schedule an appointment (385-8050) with a Career Counselor to specifically discuss your job and internship search strategies and questions.

How do I make a resume and/or cover letter?

Utilize sample resumes and cover letters to create a first draft or to update an existing draft. We have templates you can download to help you get started. Do NOT use a Microsoft Word template!

How do I find a job or internship?

Identify a company or field in which you would like to work. Find people to contact about internships in that company/field through faculty, the Career Center, or Fisher Connects in the CareerZone.

Search through the posted positions in the CareerZone and other online resources.

What makes someone stand out as a great candidate?

Confident, hard working students who have internship, volunteer or work experience in their field are attractive candidates. Those who also display professionalism in behavior and dress as well as strong communication skills stand out. The Career Center offers workshops in all these areas. Take advantage of all of them!

Help – I have an interview… What do I do?

  1. Read our Perfecting the Interview [pdf] guide in the Resource Library in CareerZone
  2. Research the company thoroughly and prepare a couple of questions
  3. If at all possible, participate in a mock interview through the Career Center or with an alumni mentor in your field; alumni mentors can be found through Fisher Connects in the CareerZone

I have two great job offers, how do I choose?

Meet with a Career Counselor to discuss various factors to your decision, including your values, personal monetary needs etc. NEVER accept a position and then accept another, thus reneging on the first.

I didn’t get the job I wanted, what do I do now?

Career Counselors are happy to meet with you to explore alternate career choices and show you additional resources. Contact the Career Center at 385-8050 to make an appointment.

Informational Interviewing

The informational interview focuses on you asking someone else about what their job entails. View our Networking & the Informational Interview [pdf] guide in the Resource Library in CareerZone to get started.

Who is coming to campus and when?

Please see our Calendar of Events page and the On-Campus Recruiting section of CareerZone.

Job Search Links

Check out our Job Posting Links by Category & Industry page for multiple job search links, including those for the Rochester area. Further resources can be found in the Resource Library under Career Exploration in the CareerZone.

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