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Preschool Room

Lead Teacher: Mrs. O | Assistant Teacher: Mrs. Ross

January 2015













Theme: Snow!

The class will make a snowman graph listing the properties of snow!


The class will make snow slime!


The children will make snowmen with the letters in their names!


The children will make snowflakes to decorate the classroom and we will play with snow in the water table!


The class will make doughnut snow people for snack!

*Pizza Day


Theme: Snow!

The children will use watercolors to paint on Snow outside!

Letter of the Week: A


The children will make glittery snow dough!


The class will make HUGE snowflakes from popsicle sticks, paint and glitter! 


The children will make sun-catcher snowmen!

*Pizza Day


The class will make doughnut snow people for snack!


Theme: Penguins

The class will make penguin puppets and practice waddling like a penguin!

Letter of the Week: B


The children will make igloos out of mini marshmallows and toothpicks!


The children will play a Penguin number game using goldfish crackers!

*Pizza Day


The children will make water bottle penguins!


The class will make handprint penguins in a snow storm!


Theme: Polar Bears!

The children will learn about blubber and how it keeps the Polar bears warm.

Letter of the Week: C


We will read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? then make our own version of the story!

*Pizza Day


The children will create an arctic scene using a variety of art supplies!


The class will make textured polar bears from shaving cream, glue, and tissue paper!


The children will make a healthy polar bear snack to enjoy! 

Notes from the Preschool Room

Dear Parents,

I hope that you had a very safe and happy holiday! December was a very busy month for our class. The children worked hard all month long creating many fun holiday crafts and projects. Our Christmas concert and class party were also a huge success. Thank you to all who helped out by joining us and sending in a treat!

Now that the children have learned the classroom routine, we will begin implementing the alphabet chant into our morning circle time activities. The alphabet chant consists of twenty-six alphabet picture cards. Each card contains both a capital and lowercase letter, along with a picture of an object that begins with the corresponding letter. At circle time, I will hold up each card, the class will say “A” is for (letter name) apple “a,a,a” (letter sound). We will also begin our Letter of the Week lessons this month. The letter of the week will include a story book for each letter of the alphabet, letter writing, and sound/sight recognition of each letter.

During the month of January we will also be learning about and playing with lots and lots of snow! The class will talk about the different properties of snow, along with decorating the class with many snow creations. The following week, the class will be learning about penguins. We will talk about life in the polar region and play some penguin counting games. We will end the month with a unit on fairy tales.

Thank you for all of your help and support! Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015!

Mrs. O.

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