Contact Human Resources

Office: Kearney Hall 211
Phone: (585) 385-8048

Key Phone Numbers and Websites

Medical Benefits
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
(800) 499-1275 or
(585) 454-8410

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
Bank of Castile HSA
(585) 368-7500

Flexible Spending Accounts
Discovery Benefits
(866) 451-3399

Dental Benefits
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
(585) 454-8410

Life Insurance/AD&D
The Hartford
Group Benefits Division, Customer Service
P.O. Box 2999
Hartford, CT 06194-2999
(800) 523-2233

(800) 842-2776

Strong Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
(585) 475-0432

Human Resources FAQs

Benefits | Retirement | Work Injury | Updating Personal Info | Staffing | Tuition Remission | Staff Recognition | FLSA | Misc.


How do I change my name on payroll records and all of my benefits?

You will need to bring in your new social security card to the Human Resources Department (Kearney 211) in order to process your name change. If you have TIAA-CREF, you will need to complete a Notice of Change of Name form [pdf] and return this form directly to TIAA-CREF.

How can I update the information on my direct deposit?

You will need to complete an Authorization for Direct Deposit form [pdf] and return it to the Payroll Office, Kearney 217.

I need to update my tax withholdings. What form(s) will I need to complete?

Federal: To update your federal withholding, complete a W-4 form [pdf] and return it to the Payroll Office, Kearney 217.

State: To update your state withholding, complete an IT-2104 form [pdf] and return it to the Payroll Office, Kearney 217.

How do I make changes to my benefit elections?

You can only make changes to your benefit elections during open enrollment or if you have a qualifying event. Please contact the Human Resources Department at x8048 or for further information.

What is a qualifying event?

A qualifying event allows employees to make certain changes to their benefit elections outside of open enrollment. Examples include: marriage or divorce, birth or adoption of a child. For a complete list of qualifying event status changes, please see the Employee Handbook [pdf], Enrollment Changes, Section E2.3 – E2.4.

How soon should I inform HR if I have a qualifying event (i.e. birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, or loss in coverage)?

Employees have 30 days from the date of the qualifying event to make necessary changes. Paperwork must be completed in a timely manner if there are additions/changes in insurance coverage.

If I have a qualifying event, can I change health care plans?

You cannot change health care plans if you have a qualifying event. This can only be done during open enrollment. You can only add/drop dependents or a spouse from your plan or update your flexible spending, life insurance, or voluntary AD&D as the result of a qualifying event.

What is my current balance in my Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

Contact Discovery Benefits Flexible Spending Customer Service Department at 1-866-451-3399 for balance information.

How do I update my beneficiary information for retirement and life insurance?

  • To update life insurance, you can log into with the username and password you created during open enrollment or when you were first eligible for benefits. If you need assistance with a password reset, you can contact Human Resources at (585) 385-8048. Once logged in, click on My Profile located under the blue banner. On the left hand side of this page, select Beneficiaries. From there, you can edit your beneficiaries. Please contact the Human Resources Department with any questions.
  • To update your beneficiaries for supplemental AD&D, please follow the steps above for life insurance and scroll to the Supplemental AD&D offer and repeat editing steps. Please contact the Human Resources Department with any questions.
  • To update your beneficiary information with TIAA-CREF, please contact them directly at 1-800-842-2252.

How do I submit reimbursements for my medical or dependent care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

You can complete a Reimbursement Request form [pdf] and submit to Discovery Benefits or use your debit card provided by Discovery Benefits. For more information on how to use your debit card, visit the Discovery Benefits website, or contact them at 1-866-451-3399.

How do I get a replacement benefit ID card for medical or dental?

Contact Excellus at 1-800-499-1275.

What is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and when would I use this benefit?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides certain employees with up to 12 work weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave a year. Please refer to the Employee Handbook [pdf], Section E8.1 for more details or contact Human Resources.

What is disability insurance? (For staff employees only)

Disability insurance is designed to protect employees against income loss due to non-work related accidents or illnesses. For further information on disability, please contact the Human Resources Department.

What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

The program provides free, confidential, and professional assistance to help employees and their families resolve problems that affect their personal lives or job performance. These problems may include alcohol or drug abuse, marital difficulties, financial or legal problems, emotional difficulties, or parent/child issues. For more information, please use the contact information below.

EAP Contact Info
Phone: (585) 475-0432



How often can I change the amount that I currently contribute to my retirement plan?

You can change the amount you contribute once each calendar quarter.

What form do I need to complete to change the amount I contribute to my retirement plan?

Complete a 403(b) Retirement Salary Reduction Agreement form [pdf] and return it to Human Resources, Kearney 211.

How do I change the way I have my funds invested in my retirement plan?

Contact your plan administrator directly.

  • TIAA-CREF – 1 (800) 842-2252

How do I take a loan out of my retirement savings?

Please call 1 (800) 842-2252 to initiate the process and speak with a TIAA-CREF representative.

You can also log into with your username and password to initiate the process. Please note it typically takes 5-7 business days to process a loan request and checks are sent directly to the employee's home address.

Loans from TIAA-CREF are repaid through an employee's bank account and not through a St. John Fisher College payroll deduction.


Work Injury

What do I need to do if I get injured at work?

Notify Safety & Security, your supervisor, and HR immediately. An Accident Report form [pdf] will need to be completed and forwarded to HR for processing.


Updating Personal Information

How do I change my address?

Complete a Change of Address form [pdf] and return it to Human Resources, Kearney 211.

How can I update my emergency contact information?

Complete a Change of Emergency Contact Information form [pdf] and return it to Human Resources, Kearney 211.



If I am a current employee, do I still need to apply online for an open position?

Yes, you will need to apply online at

How can I find out what the salary range is for a position I am applying to on campus?

Salary is discussed during the phone screening stage of the staffing process. At that time, the College representative will ask your salary expectations.

How do I post a position for my department?

Faculty: All Faculty ads need to be sent to the Provost's Office for review and approval. The Provost's Office will submit approved materials to HR for posting.

Staff: All staff positions will need to be routed around for approval electronically. Please contact Human Resources for further instructions.


Tuition Remission

Do I need to fill out a tuition remission form each semester?

Yes, every semester a tuition remission form will need to be completed, including summer sessions for the employee, spouse and or/ dependent. The Graduate Tuition Remission form [pdf] and Undergraduate Tuition Remission form [pdf] are also available outside the Human Resources Department, Kearney 211. For more information, refer to E13 in the Employee Handbook [pdf] for further terms and conditions of this benefit.

Do I need to bring in my current tax forms every semester?

Yes, both HR and/or Financial Aid will need this information.

Do I need to bring in proof of age for my dependent child every semester?


What do I need to do if I or my spouse/dependent wants to take classes at Nazareth College or Fisher?

Nazareth: Your spouse/dependent child will need to register for classes with Nazareth College and notify the HR Office at Fisher. The HR Office will prepare a letter for you to take to Nazareth stating that you are eligible for this benefit. You become eligible for this benefit after one year of service with St. John Fisher College and must be classified as a full-time employee.

Fisher: Your spouse/dependent child will need to register for classes with Fisher and complete a tuition remission form. You become eligible for this benefit after one year of service with St. John Fisher College and must be classified as a full-time employee.

When do I become eligible for the tuition exchange benefit?

An employee becomes eligible after three years of service with St. John Fisher College and is classified as a full-time employee. Please contact the Director of Freshman Admissions for more information on this program at (585) 385-8142. Details on the program can be found in the Employee Handbook [pdf] on page E15.


Staff Recognition

I would like to recognize someone for a job well done. What is the process?

Complete the Employee Recognition form [pdf] and forward it to HR. HR will notify you of recognition gifts to select from.

What is the Staff Recognition Program?

The purpose of the Staff Recognition Program is to recognize staff that have gone above and beyond their duties and responsibilities by providing outstanding contributions and customer service. The culmination of this program is the annual Staff Appreciation Day in April when award recipients are formally recognized. Find out more on the Staff Recognition website.


Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?

For detailed information, refer to FLSA Information [pdf].



Where can I find a copy of the Employee Handbook?

You may use this link to the Employee Handbook [pdf] or request a hard copy and/or CD from the Human Resources Department.

Where can I find the College’s organization chart?

View the College’s Organization Chart [pdf].

Fisher Perks!

As a Fisher employee, you have the use of the following:

  • Child Care Center (reduced rates): (585) 385-8327
  • Athletic Facility: (585) 385-8309
  • Library: (585) 385-8165
  • College Bookstore: (585) 385-8252
  • RARES discounted tickets: Contact Student Accounts at (585) 385-8189 or the RARES website
  • Verizon Cellular Services discount: Contact OIT at (585) 385-8016


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