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2013 Staff Recognition Ceremony Celebrates Over 40 Nominees, Names 6 Winners


On Tuesday, April 23, over 150 staff members from the St. John Fisher College community attended the Staff Appreciation Ceremony, to honor six staff members for exemplary performance.

Each year, the Staff Recognition Committee honors staff members nominated by their peers. The winners of the awards were announced by past recipients and committee members.

Freshman “Rookie of the Year” Award

Given to the employee who: has been employed for three years or less; "hit the ground running," making a positive and immediate impact on the community; shows imagination, creativity, and innovation; and easily adapted to Fisher culture.

This year’s winner was Madeleine Reynolds Bolz, Mental Health Counselor, in the College’s Wellness Center.

Her nominators noted that Reynolds Bolz jumped right into the new position and quickly started to accommodate the needs of students. She also spends personal time creating materials that educate students about health and wellness.

In addition, she initiated the implementation of Student Health 101, an online journal covering a variety of College wellness topics including stress, sleep, nutrition, fitness, and social issues.

She also started hosting “Mindfulness Meditation” sessions, even coming in at night in order to ensure that faculty and staff had a chance to attend. She was credited with “always putting students first.”

Cardinal Award

Presented to the employee who: fosters positive attitude; bridges lines across departments; demonstrates initiative; and exemplifies the Fisher spirit.

The Cardinal Award recipient was Libby Pinti, Assistant Director of Admissions and Events, Office of Freshman Admissions.

In the words of her nominator: “Pinti exemplifies the Fisher spirit in everything she does. She attends meetings to support various events around campus, and always looks to improve communication among departments whenever possible. She has developed strong working relationships and is respected among her peers, and she demonstrates a strong work ethic and initiative.”

Her nomination also noted her dedication and hard work, both of which have played a significant role in the College’s increased enrollment over the past several years. Pinti was also referred to as the “first person to volunteer to help out and take on new responsibilities.” Her positive work attitude was also praised.

Good Samaritan Award

Recognizes an employee who: gives of their own time to make a difference in others’ lives; provides outreach to the Fisher community or the greater community; serve as a role model for others; and actively participates on campus/community committees and events.

The Good Samaritan Award was presented to Judy Martz, Administrative Assistant, Wegmans School of Nursing.

Martz’s nominators referred to her as a “key element in the success of the Wegmans School of Nursing and Student Nursing Association initiatives.” Her boundless energy, creativity, and experience in the corporate world assist students with organizing and fundraising efforts, and her commitment to helping those in need has been contagious at the School.

She was praised for putting countless hours into projects such as blankets for Alternatives for Battered Women and Project Pad, and her participation in Student Nursing Association sewing parties.

Her contributions to the successes of these projects have helped countless women not only here in the U.S., but in the case of Project Pad, in Kenya as well.

Students’ Choice Award

Presented to the employee who: takes a “student first” approach and daily actions and efforts are consistently aligned with the Fisher student in mind; consistently looks out for the well-being of each student and demonstrates student advocacy; is proactive in fostering and promoting the success of students; and genuinely cares about the students, reaching out to those in need.

The Students’ Choice Award was presented to Kara Crosson, Residence Director, Office of Residential Life.

The nomination said that Crosson, “teaches students what Fisher is all about and makes sure her residents receive the ultimate Fisher experience. She provides academic and personal feedback to students who come to her for advice and she always gives her undivided attention when they come to her with questions or issues.”

Her organization in a recent memorial service for a Fisher student was applauded. In addition, she has chosen to continue her education here at Fisher.

One of her nominators wrote: “I could go on for days with examples of how she cares and looks out for students.”

Lifelong Learner Award

Presented to an employee who: continually seeks further education and professional development to enhance his/her growth; proactively shares knowledge gained with campus community; pursues networking opportunities (i.e. committee/board work); consistently maintains a high-level job performance.

The Lifelong Learner Award was presented to Michael McCarthy, Director of Safety and Security, Office of Safety and Security.

McCarthy came to Fisher in 1998, and pursued and earned a master’s degree in Human Resource Development. His nominator noted his commitment to the Fisher community as a volunteer to teach freshman seminar and also to teach new students how to watch out for each other and identify a fellow student that might need help.

While at Fisher, McCarthy has been an active member in professional associations relating to campus security. He is a key member of the College’s Emergency Response Team, and he served as a board member and as president of the Northeast Colleges and Universities Security Association. He was also an editor and contributor to Clipboard magazine.

In 2006, he travelled to St. Petersburg, Russia, to present “First responders’ role for emotionally disturbed persons” to the European Association of Campus Security. He also served as a guest panel member for the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators.

Basilian Award

Each year, the members of the Staff Recognition Committee evaluate all of the nominees from the other award categories to determine if a particular nominee meets the qualifications of the Basilian Award. This award recognizes a staff member whose hard work, dedication, and achievements have surpassed the criteria of the other awards. The award is given to a nominee who works to make Fisher a better place by not only being genuine, creative, and enthusiastic, but also by being an advocate for the Fisher community as a whole.

This year’s recipient was Lin Mocejunas, who was nominated by Dr. Deb Vanderbilt and received the recognition posthumously. Mocejunas lost her battle with cancer in December 2012, and her family attended the ceremony to accept the award.

She was praised for her individual relationships with each of the 100+ faculty with whom she worked in the School of Arts and Sciences, and was called a “bright spot in everyone's day.” When the Faculty Assembly needed a new secretary, she stepped up to the plate and took on the position.

The nomination also spoke of her several-year battle with cancer, noting that many people didn’t know she was ill because it never affected her day-to-day work ethic or attitude.

Vanderbilt also said, “I see one of the criterion for this award is bridging lines across departments, and I can tell you that one thing all of us in Basil have in common, although we are in many different departments, is our love and respect for Lin Mocejunas. I consider it an honor to work with Lin, and I know my feelings are shared by all of the faculty who work in Basil, Skalny, Pioch and Fay.”

The additional nominees who received honorable mention were:

  • Chris Bowman, Assistant Coach, Men’s Soccer
  • Chenno Bowens, Executive Assistant, Office of Student Affairs and Diversity Initiatives
  • Gary Kincade, Electrician, Facilities
  • JoAnne Robinson, Kearney Faculty Secretary
  • Carolyn Martin, Assistant to the Dean, Wegmans School of Nursing
  • Sara Andrews, Human Resource Manager
  • Lisa Riotto, Human Resource Manager
  • Joanie Fraver, Associate Registrar
  • Deb Favro, Administrative Assistant to Faculty, Wegmans School of Pharmacy
  • Peggy Holmes, Postal Service Assistant, Central Mail
  • Pam Carzo, Assistant to the Dean, Wegmans School of Pharmacy
  • Britta Stackwick, Acquisitions Assistant, Lavery Library
  • Sally Vaughan, Director of Community Service
  • Jill Rathbun, Executive Assistant, Office of Financial Affairs
  • Stacy Ledermann, Director, Office of Freshman Admissions
  • Allison Bosworth, Director of PDS and Student Teaching, Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education
  • Mike Swinton, B Shift Supervisor, Office of Safety and Security
  • Nanette Huether, Assistant to Department Chairs, Wegmans School of Pharmacy
  • Clarence Norman, Director, Higher Education Opportunity Program
  • Michele Gavigan, Admissions Coordinator, Wegmans School of Pharmacy
  • Carla Snell, Assistant to the Dean, Wegmans School of Pharmacy
  • Ellen Brothers, Custodial Services
  • Marie Villa, Media Advisor, Cardinal Courier
  • Dr. Rick DeJesús-Reuff, Vice President of Student Affairs and Diversity
  • Tom Rodgers, Director, Office of Campus Life
  • Teah Terrance, Assistant Director, Office of Campus Life
  • Theresa Floramo, Correspondence Coordinator, Admissions Processing Center
  • Melissa Mineo, Technical Services Assistant, Lavery Library
  • Stacy Celata, Circulation Coordinator, Lavery Library
  • Larry Wells, Document Specialist, Print Center
  • Early Learning Staff

Staff Recognition

The winners (from L to R): Michael McCarthy, Kara Crosson, Dr. Donald Bain, Madeleine Reynolds Bolz, Libby Pinti, and Judy Martz.

Staff Recognition

2013 Staff Recognition Award Nominees

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