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ITEC Training

Course Code: ITE01

Course Description: This course will provide an overview of the ITEC equipment and how it can be utilized to support learning in the classroom setting. Knowledge of the equipment will benefit all who use the classrooms for instruction or presentations.

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An Introduction to Echo360:

Course Description: This course will provide an overview on how to use the presentation equipment in L-101 to record and upload an enhanced podcast using the Echo360 system. A brief overview of the Echo360 editing tool will also be included.

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User Interface Tutorials

  1. Login to Echo360 User Interface [podcast]
  2. User Interface (Review of tabs) [podcast]
  3. Make an Echo Available [podcast]
  4. Edit Details of an Echo [podcast]
  5. Edit Media [podcast]

Echo Personal Capture

The easy-to-use capture application allows faculty to capture learning objects from the comfort of their office.

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Using SMART Boards

Course Code: exlpt02

Course Description: Using a SMART Board within the classroom setting can be beneficial to the educational process. In this course, you'll learn how to setup, write, and save along with an introduction to the SMART Notebook Software. Creating files, the "environment," attaching documents, and working with objects are a few of the topics that will be covered during this session.

Resources & Documentation

Photos of a SMART Board Training off-campus at Harris Hill Elementary:

Using a lesson for literacy which includes graphing/charting: M & M Counting Book Lesson [nbk]

Grad student working with objects on a SMART Board Once a tool always a tool Grad students working on SMART Board

Netop Vision Software

Vision classroom computer management software gives you the tools you need to control sources of distraction, monitor student computers, get started on time, and you will notice when a student needs help ASAP.

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