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Speech Toolkit

Helping Your Students Build Presentation Competence and Confidence
Presentation by Ciera Carhart, Michael Cummins, Lea Goodness, Erica Mead, Christen Terrore, Pete Valade, Katelyn Vilasi (students in Lauren Vicker's Spring 2011 Honors 356: Presentational Speaking and Rhetorical Competence class)

Audience Analysis, Research and Supporting Materials

Organization, Outlining, Citations, Transitions

Speech Anxiety and Delivery, Visual Aids

Sample Presentation Rubrics

Team Presentations, Q&A

      Cultural Issues

      Culturally Responsive Teaching and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
      Facilitated by Kathy Broikou, Kenneth Fasching-Varner, Gloria Jacobs, Arlette Miller-Smith, and Kristin Picardo

      Service Learning

      Community-Based Service Learning in Your Courses: A Nuts and Bolts Workshop
      Facilitated by Lynn Donahue, Jim Schwartz, and Sally Vaughan

      Writing Skills

      Grammar Across the Disciplines
      Facilitated by Katrina Arndt, Russ Coward, Ed Freeman, John Travers, Deborah Uman, and Deborah VanderBilt

      Progressions: A Structured Series of Related Assignments that Lead to a Student Essay
      Facilitated by Steve Brauer

      Writing in the Sciences: Using Writing to Teach Content across the Disciplines
      Facilitated by Daryl Hurd

      Teaching Writing of Research Papers and APA Format
      Facilitated by Laura Phelan and Dawn Rager

      Chain Writing to Learn and Practice the Struture of Scientific Writing
      Facilitated by Kris Green (with Tim Franz)

      Writing Across the Curriculum


      Technology and Information Literacy

      Videomaking in the Classroom
      Facilitated by Kyle Reinson, Todd Sodano and Fang Zhao

      Be Friends (?) with Facebook
      Facilitated by Jeremy Sarachan

      The 21st Century Classroom: Exploring the Potential for Instruction and Learning
      Facilitated by Alexandra Picket

      Copyright Laws and Course Materials
      Facilitated by Michael Gibbons, Melissa Jadlos, and Zach Shirkey

      Email Etiquette: A f2f Discussion
      Facilitated by Fred Dotolo, Betsy McDermott, Linda Phelan and Jim Trammell

      Does Technology Change Education? Introducing the Delta Principle
      Facilitated by Jim Schwartz

      Assignments for the First and Second Year that Build Research and Information Literacy Skills
      Facilitated by Marianne Simmons

      Information Technology and Information Literacy

      Information Literacy Workshop



      Increasing Student Awareness of Professional Training Programs
      Facilitated by Ed Freeman

      Powerpoint: A Different Whiteboard


      Group Projects

      Team-Based Learning and Work

      Starting, Storming, Solving, Selling: Teaching Problem-Solving and Teamwork Skills Through a Four-step Model
      Facilitated by Lynn Donahue

      Making Group Projects Effective


      Active Learning

      Creating First Exposure Assignments

      Student-Centered Learning

      Universal Design Instruction

      Learning Goals: Helping Students Achieve Success

      Using Popular Culture in the Classroom


      Oral Presentations

      Making Oral Presentations Effective

      Public Speaking Across the Disciplines


      Grading & Mid-Term Assessments

      Grading & Mid-Term Assessments - Designing Exams: A Roundtable Exchange of What Works in Creating Objective Questions

      Mastery Learning and Grading: Grading so that Everyone Can Learn

      Designing Exams: A Roundtable Exchange of What Works in Creating Objective Questions

      Grading and Assessing Student Work

      Mid-Term Assessments


      Faculty Development

      Writing an Effective Evaluation
      Facilitated by Eileen Lynd-Balta and Theresa Westbay


      Assessment and Institutional Development

      Mentoring: More Than Just a Welcome
      Facilitated by Alan Pogroszewski and Jim Seward

      Four-Year Institution-Wide Learning Goals
      Facilitated by Dr. Peter Gray

      Navigating the Maze: The Institutional Review Board Process

      Assessing Ourselves: Documenting Teaching Effectiveness


      Career and Graduate School Preparation

      How Can Undergraduate Programs Contribute to Student Success in Preparing for Graduate and Professional Entrance Exams?

      Helping Students Prepare for the GRE and other Graduate/Professional School Entrance Exams


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