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Club Column

This week’s Club Column features the Teddi Committee and the Latino Student Union.

Teddi Committee

Q: What exactly does the Teddi Committee do? How many members does Teddi have?

A: The Teddi Committee works hard from April until the following February to plan for the 24 Hour Dance Marathon. The 2012 committee has 102 members, one of the largest yet! The committee has great new ideas for the 2013 dance including new decorations, new themes, and new ways to reach out to people and corporations with all of the added collaborating minds. The committee is also planning for the “100 Days ‘til Teddi” celebration, which is coming up on October 31. Other events include Battle of the Bands (November 2nd), Get Reddi for Teddi, and some new events the committee hopes to host this year.

Q: How often does Teddi meet as a group? Do members meet outside of campus for events as well?

A: The entire committee meets once a week. Captains of the sub-committees have office hours because there is always something that needs to get done. Teddi is planning to do a fundraiser at Five Guys Burger and Fries, but most of the events are held on campus to make it easier for everyone to attend!

Q: Besides the Teddi Dance itself, what other events does the committee work on during the year?

A: The “100 days ‘til Teddi” event is coming up and will include the first registration push that week. From October 29-November 1, interested dancers are encouraged to stop by the Campus Center Atrium or Cyber Café from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. to register for the dance. On November 2 at 7:00 p.m., the committee will host the Battle of the Bands in the Campus Center Mainstage. Look for events later in this semester as well as early in the spring semester.

Teddi Dance

Q: How does the entire student body benefit from Teddi's work?

A: Teddi allows a lot of people to come together to fight against a common cause. Whether you are a committee member or a dancer or a volunteer, you can help out Camp Good Days and the children who are fighting the battle of a lifetime.

Q: How can people contact the committee for more information?

A: Anyone can email the committee at or stop by the office on the second floor of the Campus Center. The committee is also updating the website and it should be up and running by 100 Days ‘til Teddi, so watch for that link!

Q: Summarize what students will take away from 24 hours of dancing - tell them why it is worth every minute!

A: “As tired as you may be after dancing for 24 hours, it is honestly one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The campers from Camp Good Days and Special Times visit the dance and you get to see who you are actually helping out. By coming to the dance, you are helping to send a great group of kids and young adults on a trip to Florida for a week. It is a great feeling knowing that you are helping these people affected by such an awful disease to have a carefree week of fun.” – Danielle Allington, Chair, 2013 Teddi

Latino Student Union (LSU)

Q: What exactly does the Latino Student Union do? How many members does the club have?

A: The Latino Student Union is a club whose major purpose is to expose the Fisher community to Latin culture through food, music, and other cultural events. We currently have three active e-board members and about ten other members.

LSUQ: How often does the club meet as a group? Does the club meet outside of campus for events as well?

A: The club meets once every two weeks, on Thursdays during free period. LSU does not meet outside of campus for events, but the club is in the process of organizing co-sponsorships with outside organizations.

 Q: What are some of the biggest events LSU is involved in every year?

A: The biggest events include the Latino Film Festival, The Hunger Banquet, Day of Celebration, and Teddi Dance for Love. One of the club’s popular signature events is the Latin Lounge.

Q: How does the entire student body benefit from the club’s work?

A: The Fisher student body benefits from LSU in many ways. The club attempts to promote diversity through events and aims to expose students to Latin culture so they can apply what they've learned in a classroom.

Q: How can people contact the club for more information?

A: The Fisher community can feel free to contact the club via email at

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