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Club Column

This week’s Club Column features Students With a Vision (SWAV), Marketing Club, and Fisher Players.

Students With a Vision (SWAV)

Q: What exactly does SWAV do? How many members does the club have?

A: SWAV is a volunteer organization that performs community service in the Rochester community. The club’s areas of focus include healthcare, hunger and homelessness, education, and animals. Anyone who volunteers for SWAV events is considered a member, so the club’s membership is around 75.

Q: How often does the club meet as a group?

A: As a group, SWAV meets every other Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. in the School of Nursing.

Q: What are some of the biggest events SWAV is involved in every year?

A: The biggest event is Project Community Convergence (PCC), which will take place on April 13 and April 20, 2013. SWAV helps clean up, paint, and organize classrooms and hallways in local schools during PCC. So far, Monroe High School, School No. 2, School No. 10, and School No. 34 are lined up for the project. The club provides transportation for volunteers to the schools and lunch. Other events SWAV has done this semester include game days at The Friendly Home, leaf-raking at the homes of Fisher faculty and staff to help raise funds for PCC, and partnering with the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Programs to deliver food to Food Link. In addition, SWAV held MATT-O-Ween, which included Halloween activities for kids with autism, and multiple events with the post-secondary program on campus including a tailgate party homecoming weekend.


Project Community Convergence in action earlier this year.

Q: How does the entire student body benefit from SWAV’s work?

A: SWAV works together as members in order to provide service events both on and off campus, so everyone benefits!

Q: What are some initiatives SWAV hopes to work on this academic year?

A: The club is working on increasing awareness about SWAV on campus, and attracting more members to volunteer for events.

Q: How can people contact the club for more information?

A: For more information, email

Marketing Club

Q: What exactly does the Marketing Club do? How many members does the club have?

A: The Marketing Club is an on-campus organization completely run by students. The club is recognized by the American Marketing Association as an official club which greatly contributes to their networking and resources. Most of the members come from either a marketing or communications background; however students of all academic backgrounds are encouraged to join. The club’s ongoing projects offer an opportunity to have fun and improve personal skills all while making an impact on the community.  Currently, there are 25-30 members participating in Marketing Club.

Q: How often does the club meet as a group?

A: Marketing Club meets every Tuesday during free period (12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.)

Q: What are some of the biggest events Marketing Club is involved in every year?

A: Every year, the club hosts Marketing Week, during the first week of October. The week includes student workshops, contests, and guest speakers from local and regional businesses.  This past year, Marketing Week featured speakers from Crazy Dog T-shirts, Northwestern Mutual, Next! Ad Agency, IBM, and MSM Marketing Communications. They covered topics including résumé building, entrepreneurship, and international marketing.

The club is also involved with AMA Saves Lives during both the fall and spring semester.  AMA Saves Lives is a campaign for increasing awareness of the need for organ donation. Through social media campaigns, event sponsorship, personal contacts, and other viral communications, the campaign aims to inspire others to become registered organ donors and organ donor advocates.  During AMA Saves Lives, club members will be sitting outside of the dining hall, Cyber Café, and the School of Nursing to give students the opportunity to become an organ donor.  To raise awareness on campus, the club holds a video contest (with cash prizes) to promote organ donation.

Members of AMA accept the Rochester American Marketing Association (RAMA) Collegiate Chapter Excellence Award.

Q: How does the entire student body benefit from the club’s work?

A: The professional development offers students the ability to learn valuable skills that they can use in any professional environment.  The club offers workshops such as résumé-building, where members compare "good" and "bad" résumés, and identify ways to create an appealing and well-written résumé. Marketing Club also hosts events such as an etiquette lunch or dinner, and invite a speaker to explain to students the proper way to present themselves in a professional manner when they are having lunch or dinner with an interviewer, co-worker, or client.

Q: What are some initiatives the club hopes to work on this academic year?

A: Marketing Club is looking to increase its fundraising efforts to allow as many club members as possible to attend the AMA Conference in New Orleans. The conference affords students the opportunity to build their professional skills and network. Every year, the club is recognized among hundreds of schools by winning awards at the conference. They hope to continue to succeed and gain recognition for the College and club. 

Q: How can people contact the club for more information?

A: Through Facebook. People can also email the club advisor, Dr. Monica Hodis, at or

Fisher Players

Q: What exactly does Fisher Players do? How many members does the club have?

A: Fisher Players is a club that puts on different theatrical production on campus and membership is always expanding!  Each year, Fisher Players usually performs a musical in the fall, and a play in the spring. In recent years, they have added a cabaret (talent show) for members and Fisher students to have a chance to showcase their take on theater. The shows are student-run and directed, and members encourage each other to take chances and come out of their shells to perform or take on leadership roles. To date, there are about 50 members.

Q: How often does the club meet as a group?

A: Meeting times depend on what performance members are involved in.  The musical or play practices tend to be Monday-Thursday from 9:30-11:00 p.m. until show times get closer, which is when the practices get longer. Depending on what is going on in the club that month, they will have at least 1-2 member meetings a month.  These meetings are to help bring the executive board (e-board) and members together.

Q: What are some of the biggest events Fisher Players is involved in every year?

A: The fall musical is the biggest event. This year, members will perform Little Shop of Horrors, and it takes place this weekend, November 16-18. This fall, the club also put on a murder mystery, which is a big live game of Clue, during family weekend. Finally, this fall the club’s cabaret event was themed “dream big.” They also ask other art clubs such as Measure 13, Arts In Motion, and dance club to perform. The club will also put on the Arts Award Banquet for all the art clubs on campus to celebrate all their work for the year. At this banquet, all the clubs are invited to perform and put together awards for their members.

Fisher Players also has what they call a V-Day event every year to help bring awareness about violence against women, usually performing the Vagina Monologues. 

Fisher Players

Fisher Players host the Murder Mystery during Family Weekend 2012.

Q: How does the entire student body benefit from Fisher Players’ work?

A: Fisher Players gives the students a place to meet new friends with common interests. After members graduate, they continue to come back to watch show after show. The club gives students a chance to break out of their shells and go after leadership positions including directing or stage managing. There are also opportunities to be part of the stage crew. And the club needs people who can build and paint sets – there is something for everyone! And the club offers students free admission to every show except the V-Day event, because that is for a charity.

Q: What are some initiatives Fisher Players hopes to work on this academic year?

A: The club is working on arranging for members to see another show at a discounted price, and increasing student involvement.

Q: How can people contact the club for more information?

A: Email the club at

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