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Biology Gives Students a “Minute to Win It”


Biology Gives Students a “Minute to Win It”

It was the first week of classes, and Biology Department faculty members were concocting a way to bring new students together with mentor students to start the year off right.

Last year, the Biology Department started a Peer Mentoring program in an effort to facilitate student integration into both the department and academic life of the College. The icebreaker the faculty came up with for the beginning of this semester – called “Minute to Win It” – was designed to require mentors and mentees to work as a team to help them connect.

Minute to Win ItThe teams attempted six different tasks, and had 60 seconds to complete each one. Those who successfully completed the most tasks were entered into a prize drawing.

According to Virginia Maier, Health Professions Advisor, the games were developed via trial and error experimenting with some of the lab equipment, and were named in the same fun spirit as the games from the actual television show.

The games included:

  • “A Little Tipsy” – Teams had to reload a box of spilled pipette tips (pipette is a calibrated glass tube used to transfer/measure liquids).
  • “Rubber Match” – Teams of two stacked 10 rubber stoppers in a single tower using test tube holders, and the completed tower had to stand for at least three seconds.
  • “Transfer Credit” – Teams used the serological pipettes to load 250mL of water into a graduated cylinder.
  • “Beautiful Archegonium” – Teams reconstructed a figure of the fern life cycle.
  • “Evil Erlenmeyer” – Team member stood above an Erlenmeyer flask and attempted to drop a transfer pipette into the top from their waist.
  • “The Leaning Tower of Petri” – Teams created a four-story tower from square petri dishes; tower had to stand for at least three seconds.

  • Minute to Win It

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