Service Scholars Program

About the Service Scholars Program

The Service Scholars Program embodies the spirit of community and caring that is the hallmark of the Fisher experience.

Each year, 24 scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who exhibit outstanding community service through activities in their schools, places of worship, and community agencies.

Program Features

The Service Scholars Program provides 24 students each year with scholarship awards equal to one-half of the total yearly cost of Fisher's tuition, fees, and room and board for four years. Service Scholars will be expected to continue their involvement in community service work while completing the curricular component of the program. Students enrolled in the Service Scholars Program will earn a Certificate of Service Leadership upon graduation from St. John Fisher College.

In order to retain their awards while engaged in full-time study as matriculated students, Service Scholars are required to:

  • Participate in a two-course learning community entitled "Leadership Through Self-Development" during the Fall semester of their first year at St. John Fisher College;
  • Attend a service learning seminar course during each of their remaining semesters at the College; Note: Community service hours in Rochester are coordinated through the Community Service Office. Students can also perform 40 percent of their community service hours in their hometown or in outside one-time community service events.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of their degree requirements.

Community Service Yearly Hours

Freshman: 130 hours

Sophomores-Seniors: 200 hours

Mission Statement

The Service Scholarship program offers students an opportunity for service in the context of service learning. We partner with individuals with a clear need and in communities where resources to provide services are scarce. The program encourages person-to-person interaction with the goal of emphasizing with and getting to know the poor and needy, appreciating who they are and what they need and do, and serving their needs within our ability. Service learning is supported in the classroom through ongoing, connected, challenging and contextual reflection.

At the end of the program our aim is that students will have a developed a pattern of service and giving not only of time but of self.

Service Scholar Spotlight

Alicia Girard

Alicia Girard

Hometown: East Amherst, NY

Major: Nursing

Campus Involvement: Wegmans School of Nursing Fuld Scholar, Teddi Dance for Love, Student Nurse Association, JASY, Orientation Team

Service Site: Crisis Nursery of Greater Rochester

Why do you volunteer? I volunteer to give back to others and help those in need. Not only is it beneficial to the people I am able to help, it gives me a great feeling to know I was able to assist others and make even a small difference in someone else's life.

What does the scholarship mean to you? The service scholarship allowed me the opportunity to continue to volunteer in college. That was a huge part of my high school experience so to know I could carry that over into my college career was definitely a big deciding factor for me to come to St. John Fisher. The scholarship also financially allowed me to join the Fisher Family and receive a great education and give me the best college experience and education I could have ever imagined.

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