Science Scholars Program

The Science Scholars Program at St. John Fisher College is designed for students who intend to major in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, or physics.

Science Scholars receive a $12,000 scholarship over four years ($3,000/year), in addition to any other merit-based or special scholarship awards for which they qualify. Students also receive a laptop to use throughout their four years at Fisher.

Application Process

The invitation to participate in the Science Scholars Program is made after the student is admitted to St. John Fisher College. Students who qualify for Science Scholars Program consideration are required to complete a separate application.

Students selected for the Science Scholars Program will be notified by March 31.

Scholarship Criteria

Students who qualify for the top two tiers of merit-based scholarships at Fisher, and who intend to pursue one of the eligible majors, are automatically considered for the Science Scholars Program.

Eligible students typically have maintained a GPA of 90 or above in high school and have a combined score of 1100 or higher (math and critical reading) on the SAT or an ACT composite score of 24 or higher. Students must apply for admission prior to January 15 to be considered for the Science Scholars Program.

Note: The Science Scholarship may be combined with the Trustees' or Presidential Scholarships. It may also be combined with any need-based aid offered by Fisher. It may not be combined with the Honors Program stipend or the Service or First Generation Scholarships.

Benefits of the Science Scholars Program

Science Scholars participate in a common academic experience focused on a central theme and blending all of the disciplines represented by the program. Students explore technology, utilizing it as a tool to communicate and access information.

The academic experience consists of a freshman Learning Community specifically designed for Science Scholars, a second year seminar to get students involved with local and national organizations in their fields of interest and to connect with professionals, and a third year scholarly activity that may involve laboratory research, library research, community service research, or pedagogical research. Students also complete a technical writing course designed to meet the needs of math/science professionals.

Contact Information

For more information about the St. John Fisher College Science Scholars Program, contact the Office of Freshman Admissions at (585) 385-8064 or