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Planned Giving

Planned gifts are a thoughtful way to honor St. John Fisher College in perpetuity. As you and your loved ones work strategically through the planning of your estate, remembering the College in one of many gift vehicles can benefit both the people and the organizations most important to you.

We are both grateful to have had such wonderful experiences at St. John Fisher College, and we want to provide other students with the same opportunity.

We are both grateful to have had such wonderful experiences at St. John Fisher College, and we want to provide other students with the same opportunity.

Planned giving is accomplished in a variety of manners, including:

  • Designating a specific sum or percentage in your will
  • Naming the College as a beneficiary on a 401(k)
  • Naming the College as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy
  • Creating a charitable trust (several types exist)

Often, the goals of planned giving are two-fold: benefit your family and make charitable contributions. We are happy to talk with you about what you wish your planned gifts to accomplish for Fisher, and encourage you to speak with your attorney or tax advisor.

The 1948 Society

The 1948 Society, named in honor of the year that St. John Fisher College received its charter, recognizes individuals who have named the College as a beneficiary of a planned future gift.

Founded in 2005 with 12 pioneer members, the long 1948 Society roster reflects the strength of the future of our institution.

Join the 1948 Society with a Planned Gift

We welcome your membership in the 1948 Society. Please contact us if you have named St. John Fisher College in a bequest or other estate plan, or if you want to know more about remembering Fisher in your planning.

You may also complete the Letter of Intent for a Future Gift [pdf] to make us aware of your plans.

Your membership in the 1948 Society will leave a lasting impact on the College, and we would like to share the appropriate recognition for your generosity.

Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at or (585) 385-5292 for more information on planned giving and the 1948 Society.

1948 Society Members

Membership Listing

Gerard G. Antetomaso, Esq. '84
Gerald J. Archibald '74
Karin Benzon '00
Dr. Thomas A. Bonfiglio '64
James R. Brown '68, Esq.
Marcia W. Calabrese
Richard A. Calabrese, Esq. '57 †
Carolyn Canzano
Peter J. Canzano '55
Richard F. Casey '59
Rev. John Cavanaugh, C.S.B. †
William J. Clair '57
Michael A. Colliflower, Esq. '76
Leon J. Creek '60
Dr. John C. Crowley '63
Dr. Frank S. De Lucia '62
William A. Doty III '68
Robert F. Dumas '74
Theresa Dumas
John M. Dunn †
Gerald C. Eckert '67
Susan C. Eckert
Edward P. Finnerty, Esq. '73
Joseph V. Fischer '63
James W. Gallagher '56
David C. Glossner '60
Dr. W. Bruce Gorman '69
James P. Growney '66
Louis A. Guadagnino '57
Mrs. Marilyn Guadagnino
Anthony L. Gugino '79
Dale J. Haefner '74
Paul E. Haney '63
Theresa Marie Haney †
Alan Hilfiker, Esq.
Paul D. Hogan '69 †
Thomas B. Hogan, Jr. '67
Frank B. Iacovangelo, Esq. '62
Jean Iacovangelo
David A. Kinsky '62
Jill R. Knittel '94, '03 (MBA)
Kevin J. Kamholtz '70
Bernard L. Kost '59
Michelle R. LaDuke-Senglaub '84
Joseph W. LaManna '68 †
Jane B. Lavery
Allegra Lavoie '94
Dennis J. Lavoie '77
John C. Lynd '62
James A. Maiorana '68
Jean E. Maley †
Helen J. Mallory
Richard D. Mallory '82
Kenneth J. Mangan '56
Barbara W. Marcellus '02
Paul H. McCarthy '62
Margaret L. McMahon
Daniel M. Meyers '71
E. Robert Moline '68
Susan Moline
Paul E. Mura, Esq. '60
Dr. Francis M. Murphy '69
M. Leon Navrat †
David R. Ocorr
Martin F. Palumbos '69
Dr. Anthony F. Panzetta '56
Dominic C. Piazza '60
Dr. Joseph A. Polizzi '60
Rev. James G. Poupore, C.S.B. †
Thomas P. Proietti '67
James R. Reis '79
Nathan J. Robfogel, Esq.
Judith A. Ross '90
Dr. Robert E. Ross '61
Keith Senglaub '81
Dr. James Seward
John Sinclair ’96
R. James Stanton '78
Anthony J. Stortini
Frank M. Stotz †
Dr. Mark J. Szarejko '80
Dennis P. Tepas '72
Denise D. Tepas
Robert E. Tokarz '71
Peter E. Trabold '56
Margaret Trevett
Thomas N. Trevett, Esq. '64
Louis A. VanParys '64
Gerald E. VanStrydonck '66
Dr. Gennaro J. Vasile '67
† indicates member is deceased

1948 Society Spotlight

Robert Ross

Dr. Robert Ross

Dr. Robert Ross, a graduate of the class of 1961, has named St. John Fisher College in a planned gift in honor of his 50th reunion. The future gift of $513,000 will benefit students for generations to come.

After Dr. Ross completed high school studies at Aquinas Institute he joined the research labs at Kodak as a messenger and then a lab assistant. He hoped to someday attend college and his dream was realized with the help of Kodak. “I applied to several schools,” recalls Dr. Ross. “But Fisher was special. I remember calling the College on a Sunday to ask a question. A gentleman answered the phone and asked, ‘Can I help you?’” That person was Father John Murphy, then president of the institution. “I felt that I was shown a lot of respect as a student, and I am grateful for that.”

Dr. Ross earned his chemistry degree, and went on to earn a degree at Princeton. He returned to Rochester and continued in research work with Kodak for three decades. His wife, Patricia O’Keefe Ross worked as an economics teacher at Monroe Community College and Empire State College.

“My time at St. John Fisher College impacted me greatly,” says Dr. Ross. “The Basilian Fathers that served as our professors and guides felt deeply about exposing us students to a wide variety of knowledge. It fostered a wonderful environment in the classroom. We were all there for a reason: to learn.”

Dr. Ross chose to name St. John Fisher College in his bequest to benefit future students like himself. “I was poor and couldn’t afford school. I worked hard, and I also received assistance. I hope to impact a young person’s life in that same way.”