Librarian and student smiling over children's book
M.S. in Library Media (Teacher Librarian)
  • Years to completion: 1-2
  • Credit hours req’d: 30
  • Fisher family:1

M.S. in Library Media (Teacher Librarian)

Fisher’s library media program leads not only to initial certification as a library media specialist, but also to professional certification in your original initial teaching certificate area.

The program effectively prepares you to undertake the productive, critical, and efficient use of libraries, media, and information technology. You also will learn many ways to contribute, in a collaborative manner, to student literacy and inquiry skills.

The program is designed for those who hold initial or provisional teacher certification and wish to specialize in library media. As a library media program graduate, you may also apply for your certificate as a public librarian.

Program Overview

The library media curriculum is a hybrid of online and classroom courses. Included are 21 credit hours of graduate-level coursework specific to school librarianship, six credit hours of practicum (at childhood and adolescent grade levels), and three elective credit hours in literacy for diverse learners.

You also will be required to complete 100 hours of supervised fieldwork, which is accounted for in the three semesters worth of full-time study within the program.