Ethics Faculty

Fisher faculty are dedicated, highly credentialed professionals who consistently make the advancement of scholarship in their respective fields a top priority.

Associate Professor
Vice President for Student Affairs and Diversity Initiatives
Richard Rueff DeJesus
Adjunct Faculty and Director, Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement
Lynn Donahue
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Religious Studies
William Graf
Associate Professor
jane Hicks
Associate Professor and Chair, Undergraduate Programs in Inclusive Education
Jeff Liles
Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences
Barbara Lowe
Associate Professor
Linda MacCammon
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest: Medical Ethics, Business Ethics, Computer Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, and Popular Culture and Philosophy. He is the president of the Bertrand Russell Society and the former president of the Northeast Popular Culture Association.
Timothy Madigan
Associate Professor and Chair, History Department
Carolyn Vacca