Foreign Study Application Process

Applications are due to Dr. Cara Welch by October 1 for the spring semester and by March 1 for the fall semester.

Choose a Program

Reflect on your reasons for wanting to study abroad, and then analyze the various programs offered by Fisher and our affiliates to find the one that best suits your academic and personal needs and goals.

Begin the Affiliate's Online Application

Begin the online application process with AIFS, CIEE, or CCA. This usually requires you to pay an application fee of up to $100.

Once you pay the application fee, the affiliate agency (CCA, AIFS, or CIEE) will then provide you with a list of tasks that must be completed (i.e. write a personal essay, have your transcript sent, obtain a letter of recommendation, etc.)

Begin the Fisher Study Abroad Application

SJFC Foreign Study Application [pdf]

Personal Essay for Study Abroad [doc]

  • Fill in the information regarding the program you are applying.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to figure out what courses you can take while you are abroad. Review the Core Courses Taken Abroad [pdf] document which contains a partial list of courses taken abroad and their past equivalency at Fisher.
  • Things to consider when you meet with your advisor:
    • Are there Core Requirements you can fulfill while abroad?
    • Are there any courses you can take toward your major?
  • With your advisor, fill in the information regarding the courses you will take while abroad and put an "X" if they will count toward the Core, your major, etc.
  • With your advisor, fill in the information regarding courses you will need to take back at Fisher during the semester following your time abroad.
  • Once your advisor has signed the form, turn it in to the Registrar's Office. If you are taking courses that will count toward your major, the department chair must also sign the form before you submit it to the Registrar. The Registrar's Office will notify you when the form is ready for you to pick up.
  • Pick up the form and take it to Student Accounts for their signature.
  • Take the form to the Office of Student Life on the second floor of the Campus Center to get the assistant dean of students' signature. If you are applying to an AIFS program, bring the AIFS "Disciplinary Clearance Form" with you at this time as well.

Finalize Both Applications