Turnitin provides faculty with a web-based plagiarism prevention service, class management tools, and digital grading.

Submitted papers are compared for matches or similar text in the repository and results are made available in an easy to read Originality Report.

Students can receive grades and comments for all submissions using the GradeMark assessment feature. Turnitin also allows for review and graded assignments in a paperless environment.

Turnitin can be used in two separate ways, either directly through the Turnitin website or through an integration within Blackboard.

Turnitin also provides faculty the ability to create peer review assignments using Peermark. This tool will allow students to read, review, and comment on the work of other members of their class. Peermark may only be used through the Turnitin site directly.

Turnitin for Faculty

For additional support using Turnitin in your courses, there are a variety of options available to you.

  • Attend a training session - Turnitin training sessions will be offered periodically each semester.
  • Request a one-to-one training - If you have specific questions on the use of Turnitin and do not see a training session scheduled that will work for you, please schedule a one-to-one session with the educational technologist.
  • Review the Fisher-specific Turnitin documentation (below).
  • Browse the high quality tutorials and resources available provided by Turnitin - Instructor Training materials or the Turnitin Help Center (click on Instructor).


Turnitin for Students

If the Instructor is using Turnitin outside of a Blackboard course, students must create a user profile and be enrolled in a course to begin using Turnitin. Please view the Enrolling in a Class resource provided by Turnitin. This step is not necessary if Turnitin is used within Blackboard.