Online Course Evaluation Process

Each online course will include the following evaluation methods:

  • Course Evaluation – Each student enrolled in an online course will be asked to complete a course evaluation at the end of the term. This evaluation contains the same questions administered to on-campus courses. These evaluations will be administered online through Blackboard. Results will be made available to the faculty member and department chairs, dean, and the provost following the submission of final grades.
  • Online Student Satisfaction Survey – Each student enrolled in an online course will be asked to complete the online student satisfaction survey. This survey addresses questions of student services, technology reliability, and the general design principles of online courses at Fisher. This feedback will be used for online program development to ensure online courses and online student services at Fisher are of the highest quality.
  • Additional school or program evaluation methods may also be required.

Please Note:

The guidelines presented in this section have been developed as part of the College's pilot online program initiative, the RN to BSN Online program. Individual schools and the faculty governance system have or will be developing guidelines and policies pertaining to online course offerings outside of this pilot program. Faculty members exploring online options need to consult with their chair and/or dean to learn of their options and relevant policies. In addition, any plans to pursue an online option must be communicated to the Provost's Office from the outset.