Insurance Benefits

Get an overview of Fisher’s insurance benefits including health and dental insurance, domestic partner coverage, and flexible spending accounts below.

Health Insurance Plans

The College offers HMO health plans from Excellus (BlueCross BlueShield).

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Dental Options

The College offers two two dental plans - Smile Saver IV and Smile Saver I Without Ortho.

Domestic Partner Coverage

The College offers domestic partner coverage for health and dental plans only. Under this policy, a full-time employee may enroll his/her domestic partner and their partner's dependent children in a College-sponsored health and/or dental insurance plan. When an employee enrolls a domestic partner in a College-sponsored insurance plan, the employee does not benefit from the same pre-tax benefits that married employees do. More detailed information on this plan and its tax implications can be found below.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA): This is a smart and simple way for you to put aside money - tax-free - to cover "out of pocket" expenses you know you will have in the coming year. There are two types of FSA's: Health Care and Dependent Care. Several examples of unreimbursed expenses are:

  • Physician visit co-pays and prescription co-pays
  • Medical and dental insurance deductibles
  • Orthodontics
  • Eyeglasses and contacts
  • Child care expenses that are incurred due to employment

During open enrollment, an employee determines the amount that he/she wishes to put into a FSA annually and per pay period. The maximum annual allowable limit for FSA Medical is $2,500 and the FSA Dependent Care limit is $5,000. FSA funds that are not used in a calendar year are lost ("use it or lose it").

Excellus Web Portal

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Web Portal
View your benefits, copays and deductibles, check your claims history, order ID cards, and more.