Parking Permits and Vehicle Registration

All vehicles using College parking facilities must be registered yearly with the Office of Safety and Security. Parking permits for the 2016-2017 academic year are $50 for commuters and $75 for resident students. NY sales tax is included.

Note: First-year residential students are not permitted to register for a parking permit.

Students must submit and pay for their vehicle registration online. Follow the link below and complete the required information. You may pick up your permit at the Security Office. When you come in for your permit, you must produce your vehicle registration to show proof of ownership.

A parking sticker is necessary for each vehicle parked on campus. If you own two or more vehicles that you plan to drive to campus, please register each vehicle. You must notify the Office of Safety and Security if you change vehicles or license plates.

Note: Resident students may only register one vehicle.

By registering a vehicle at the College, the owner/operator consents to a search of the vehicle if there is reason to believe that contraband or evidence of activity that may violate a College policy or local, state, or federal law is inside the vehicle.

I understand that fines will be imposed, my vehicle may be towed, and my parking privileges may be revoked if I violate St. John Fisher College traffic regulations. I understand that St. John Fisher College is not responsible for loss of or damage to my vehicle while parked on College property.

You will need your credit card or checking account information and vehicle registration information before starting this process.

I agree to these terms by clicking the registration and payment link below.

Vehicle Registration and Fee Payment