Career Checklists by Year

A successful career search happens one step at a time. Check off tasks related to each academic year to be exceptionally equipped academically, experientially, and professionally for life after Fisher.

FRESHMAN - Cultivate Connections

Explore Different Classes and Activities

Try out new subject areas to discover interests and passions. Branch out to join clubs and activities that will allow you to develop your natural skills and strengths.

Attend Events and Workshops

  • Major/Minor Exploratory Fair - Held fall semester
  • Exploring Majors Workshop - Held each semester

Research Other Majors

  • Research different academic majors and career-related fields.
  • Attend various departmental meetings to learn about expectations.
  • Talk with fellow students and professors.

Get to Know One Faculty Member Per Semester

Take advantage of being at a small college, build relationships. One good contact a semester means eight professors to glean advice and recommendation letters from when you graduate!

SOPHOMORE - Investigate your Identity

Complete Career Assessments

'Discover your Code' - Take assessment through the Career Center.

  • Get debriefing by career counselor.
  • Get a 14 page report about YOU, your skills, and career fields that match.

Participate in Activities

Continue to join activities that relate to your interests, including sports, community service, clubs and extracurricular involvements.

Choose a Major

  • Talk to faculty, fellow students and career counselors.

Research Internships

JUNIOR - Find Your Focus

Meet with a Career Counselor

Meet with a career counselor to discuss:

  • Internship options;
  • Set your job search timeline and strategies.

Research Fields and Jobs of Interest

Utilize online and hard copy resources to such as:

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • "Fisher Connects" alumni mentors
  • Hoovers Online

Get an Internship and Update Job Search Documents

  • Go to CareerZone and academic department to get valuable internship advice.
  • Update resume and create eye-catching cover letter.
  • See sample resumes.

Attend Career Center Events

Attend events such as:

  • Rochester Area Career Expo (RACE)
  • Mock Interview Night
  • Career and Internship Fair
  • Graduate School Fair

By attending, you sharpen your professional discussion skills, gain a better idea of what to do after college, and obtain helpful advice for the job search.

SENIOR - Become Outward Bound

Meet With a Career Counselor

  • Meet with a career counselor to update and finalize resumes and cover letters.
  • Go over your timeline and set specific goals.

Fine-Tune Your Career Search Skills

  • Attend workshops on interviewing, transition, job search techniques, social media, etc.
  • Attend Mock Interviewing evening.
  • Research different fields.
  • Research positions within fields.

Network, Network, Network!

  • Commit time to go to networking events in your department and sponsored by Career Center.
  • Ask professors for advice.
  • Utilize 'Fisher Connects' on the CareerZone to find alumni mentors.
  • Talk to parents, friends, former bosses.

Target Specific Job Positions/Schools and Start Applying

  • Narrow down list and target specific companies/organizations/schools.
  • Begin application process.
  • Keep networking!
  • Learn about negotiating and salaries.