M.S. in Mental Health Counseling Training Facilities

One of the exciting features of the mental health counseling program at St. John Fisher College that aids in the development of effective counselors is our training facilities.

Students in the School’s mental health counseling program take advantage of training facilities that feature one-way mirrors, video cameras, video monitors, and live observation.

We utilize one-way mirrors, video cameras, video monitors, and live observation in a 6-room training lab to assist you in developing basic counseling skills.

The lab includes rooms for individual counseling sessions, working with couples or groups, and even a play therapy room for working with children. Each room replicates the environment of an actual counseling or play therapy session.

You will be able to practice your skills and review tapes or DVDs of your counseling sessions regularly throughout your time in the program.

When you begin field work, you will have already had the opportunity to fully prepare for work with clients in the community because you have been practicing "live" sessions with classmates and volunteer clients.