Health Insurance Information

St. John Fisher College requires all full-time students to have health insurance coverage. You may be required to provide insurance documents on request.

Student Health Insurance

If you do not have health insurance, St. John Fisher College has an established relationship with the Nationwide Life Insurance Company to provide student health insurance.

The plan coverage runs from January 16, 2017 through July 31, 2017. The cost of coverage for this time-frame is $1,480 and will be billed to your student account upon enrollment. The deadline to enroll for coverage for this time frame is January 31, 2017.

In compliance with recent federal health care legislation, St. John Fisher College has modified the offerings of the student medical plan this year. The cost of the offering has increased due to the federal action but the coverage has improved with a lower deductible and limited student out-of-pocket expenses. The College conducted an extensive review of insurance options and chose Nationwide for the student health insurance coverage for the 2016-17 academic year.

Enrollment Instructions for Health Insurance

To enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan:

  1. Log in to Fish 'R' Net and enter secure area.
  2. Select Student Services.
  3. Select Registration.
  4. Select Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan.
  5. Click Enroll.
  6. A confirmation page will appear.

Health and Wellness Center Fees and Insurance Information

All students who pay the College's comprehensive fee are eligible to use the services of the Health and Wellness Center. The comprehensive fee covers insurance co-pays for all medical visits. Your health insurance company will be billed for all medical office visits. There is no charge for counseling services provided by our licensed mental health counselors.

Students WITHOUT Health Insurance

All students without health insurance coverage will be charged $25 for each medical visit to the Health and Wellness Center. The College will bill students for such medical health care visits. If any students are unable to pay the $25 office visit fee, they may declare medical hardship status. Medical hardship status is granted on a case-by-case basis. Students must complete the Declaration of Financial Hardship [pdf].

Students WITH Health Insurance

Don’t forget your St. John Fisher College ID card and health insurance card!

If you have health insurance, you will need to bring your Fisher ID card and health insurance card for each visit to the Health and Wellness Center. Doing so will ensure that we have the correct information to bill your insurance company for our fees.